Cloud Content Optimization and CDN

Applied Innovations offers a cloud based content optimization and global CDN service that accelerates cloud sites running on clouds like Azure, Amazon AWS and managed private clouds like  Our Cloud based solution is instantly deployable without requiring any code changes or infrastructure changes, best of all we offer a 7 day free trial.

We’ll work closely with you to deploy the content optimization service and tune it for your unique environment to ensure it’s delivering optimal results.

Built to accellerate website performance on clouds like Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud and the Applied Innovations Cloud our CDN Service not only optimizes your content, caching that content in 27 global datacenters but is also PCI Certified to protect against online hacking attempts including OWASP’s Top 10 threats.

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Global Cloud Optimization

With industry leading content optimization, image compression and automated caching and distribution across 27 global datacenters your website will load 50% faster and use 70% less bandwidth than before.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Content Minification – removes non-essential content like whitespace & comments.
  • Image Compression – resizes images on the fly to load quickly.
  • TCP Optimization & Connection Pre-pooling – reduces overall website latency

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Frequently Asked Questions

The solution we offer includes not only content caching in 27 strategic global datacenter locations but also optimizes web content through compression, deduplication and minification. In addition it also includes a Cloud based Web Application Firewall that has been certified by the PCI Security Standards Council and offers DDoS attack mitigation.  Our cloud optimization platform is ideal for deploying on websites hosted on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud and the Applied Innovations Cloud and with a 7 day free trial you have a no risk opportunity to try it yourself today.

Our Cloud Optimization solution for optimizing Microsoft Azure clouds, increasing website performance on Amazon AWS cloud and delivering unmatched performance on the Applied Innovations cloud reduces webpage loading times by minification of the web content, image compression, content compression and then TCP optimization and connection pre-pooling. All of this reduces overall page load times. Then once the content is optimized it’s cached in 27 global datacenters offloading requests from your webservers and allowing your pages to load extremely fast no matter where your site visitors are located.

Yes, our enterprise class plans include the ability to see traffic data in real-time enabling further analysis and response. In addition with our unique rules engine you’re able to create and propagate security measures immediately based off of recognized traffic patterns.

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Cloud Optimization & Protection

Content Optimization & CDN

Applied Innovations has partnered with Incapsula to provide an unique solution that couples security with a globally diverse CDN network that optimizes content and then caches it worldwide to ensure web pages load quickly.

Zero Day Protection from the Bad Guys

By leveraging big data analytics, our service is able to detect and block the bad actors before they have a chance to even reach your web server. If you’re worried about 0-day unpatched vulnerabilities, don’t be as our WAF will block those attacks before they can happen.

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Customize to Meet Your Needs


Protection & Optimization
$99.95 per month

Content Optimization

Automatic Bot Mitigation

Web Application Firewall

PCI Compliance Report

Two-Factor Authentication

Backdoor protection

SSL Support

SMB Business

Protection & Optimization
$350 per month

Professional Features +

Network layer DDOS

Application layer DDOS

Automated Detection & Triggering

Custom SSL Support

EV SSL Support


Protection & Optimization
$600 per month

SMB Features +

Custom Security Rules

Real-Time Monitoring

Load Balancing & Failover

1 Gbps Public Network (NIC)

99.999% Uptime

Multi-Site Capable