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Managed Azure Services for Kentico Managed Hosting

You’ve built your website using the Kentico Content Management System and now you need to host it, but where? With Managed Azure Services from Applied Innovations, you’ll have the freedom to run your Kentico website in any of 40+ global datacenters, instantly scale infrastructure to meet changing business needs, have a team of experts at your service 24×7 and some of the best security services online. By partnering with us you’ll rest easy knowing your Kentico on Azure Website is Always Available, Always Easy!

Why Host Kentico on Azure with Applied Innovations

Anywhere Access
Host Kentico on Azure

Host your Kentico on Azure with 24×7 Support from Us!

Reduced Cost
Reduced Costs

Predictable billing for only what you need.

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security

Increased Security with our team monitoring your environment 24×7

Flexible Resources
Increased Performance

Scale your services up and down dynamically as business demands change.

Managed Azure Hosting for Kentico Benefits

With Managed Azure Hosting for Kentico from Applied Innovations you’ll have 24×7 access to our expert cloud engineers, the freedom to host your websites in any of 40+ global datacenters, a team of security experts watching your servers around the clock and the ease of mind knowing your site runs in one of the world’s fastest, more secure clouds available. Unchain yourself from classic Kentico hosting and reap the benefits of a managed azure cloud environment.

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