Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Securely connect from anywhere.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) create a private connection over a public network. It allows you to connect to your servers and send/receive data as a private network connection with enhanced security and functionality. In today’s cloud-based world, VPN connections are invaluable tools to improving your productivity.


Virtual Private Network
$50 month

With a Site-to-Site VPN, your hosted resources will become an extension of your physical resources, enabling you to connect multiple offices together over a public network using a secure internet connection. After you implement a Site-to-Site VPN, your organization’s productivity and collaboration will improve as your team can easily and securely access critical files.

Remote User

Virtual Private Network
$10 month

A Remote User VPN provides secure access to files for team members working from off-site locations. With a Remote-User VPN, you can initiate a secure VPN tunnel from wherever you are located and continue to operate with the same access to company files and hosted resources. After you implement a Remote-User VPN,  your off-site team members will have better access files and their productivity will improve as collaboration with their on-site counterparts becomes seamless.

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Security is an integral part in hosting your site, especially in the cloud. That’s why Applied Innovations provides cutting-edge security platform including:

  • Edge Security Routers & Firewalls
  • Juniper & Correro Network IPS
  • Transparent Traffic Analysis
  • Core Security Router & Firewalls
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Proactive Monitoring & Reporting
  • Certified Expert Engineers

You can rest assured that your hosted resources will always be safe.

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