Unique 7 Point Security

Applied Innovations Security

Security is an integral part in hosting your site, especially in the cloud. Applied Innovations stays on the cutting edge of technology in all areas including security, so you can be assured that your Windows cloud hosting is safe and secure.

At Applied Innovations, your services are protected by a unique 7-Point Security System:

  1. Edge Security Router & Firewall
    – Protects the entire network by blocking and allowing packets based upon current threats on the Internet
  2. Juniper & Correro Network IPS
    – Transparent traffic analysis which removes suspicious traffic
  3. Core Security Router & Firewall
    – Protects external networks by containing known threats that are occurring, such as internet relay chat (IRC),
    traffic to embargoed countries, and botnet recruitment prevention
  4. Dedicated Firewall (OPTIONAL)
    – Juniper, Fortinet, and Cisco firewall options with client-specific rulesets which enable enhanced services like IPS
    (intrusion prevention system), A/V (anti-virus), UTM (unified threat management), and VPN (virtual private network)
  5. Server-Level Security (WINDOWS FIREWALL, TRENDMICRO A/V)
    – Protects the individual server by blocking known threats
  6. Proactive Monitoring/Reporting
    – Multi-level network reporting and monitoring tools in place and managed 24/7/365 including client-specific security analysis.
  7. Expert Engineers
    – Juniper Certified Network & Security Engineers