Applied Innovations Turns 18

AppliedI Turns 18 And We're Giving Away Awesome Antispam!

In celebration of our 18th anniversary and because many of you have been with us since the start, we are offering every customer a free Awesome Antispam account for their company, a value of $180 a year. By subscribing to this service for free, you will be able to protect email that comes into your company for up to 100 email addresses and have full control over your spam filtering.  More details and FAQs on this offer are outlined below as there are restrictions and limitations (sorry but we all need to play fair).

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$180.00/ year
  • upto 100 Users
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Free for domain aliases
  • Web Administration
  • Secure Protection
  • 24/7 Tech Support

Frequently Ask Questions and Restrictions

How do I signup?
To signup for this offer follow the “Get Started” links on this page, select a monthly term for your subscription, enter your domain name you want Awesome Antispam setup on and during checkout use the coupon code: AIturns18. The shopping cart will create a zero dollar order for you. If the shopping cart amount doesn’t change please contact our support team for help.
How long is this service going to be free?
The service will remain free so long as we’re still offering the AwesomeAntispam service and able to provide this service to you and your account remains in good standing and your email domain is hosted at Applied Innovations. If any of those items change then Applied Innovations reserves the right to terminate your service.

So this is not a time limited 1 month or 1 year freebie this is a Thank you from Applied Innovations.

Can I use this with my other antispam settings?
All antispam settings in SmarterMail or your mail server will need to be disabled to avoid messages from AwesomeAntispam getting flagged or blocked.
What are the restrictions
In order to provide as many of our clients the opportunity to take advantage of this offer we have the following restrictions:
  1. While we intend to continue to offer Awesome Antispam for a nubmer of years, Applied Innovations reserves the right to end this service at any time and at our sole discretion.
  2. This offer is limited to one email domain per customer organization. If your organization has multiple hosting accounts or hosted domains you’re still limited to a maximum of 1 free Awesome Antispam account per organization.
  3. Your domain’s email must be hosted on the Applied Innovations network. If you use a 3rd party service for your email you can not take advantage of this offer.
  4. You must agree to our terms of service and acceptable use policy.  If your account violates our policies this service may be terminated.
  5. Your account must be current and in good standing to be eligible for this offer.

Any accounts found to be violating these restrictions will be terminated and/or denied.

This is awesome, how do I thank you?
Yeah, we think it’s awesome too.  The best way to say thank you is by leaving us a service review on our trustpilot reviews website. Today shoppers look for reviews before making a choice and your reviews help us grow as a company and continue to deliver great service.
I have a question that wasn't answered?
Contact our support team at: and we’ll do our best to answer your question quickly.
I pay for Awesome Antispam Today, Can I still get it for free?
If you have an existing AwesomeAntispam account simply contact and request they update your account to the new promotion or if you have additional domains with email hosted here you can use the free promotion for one of those other domains.
Get Started!


  • Focus More Time on Your Business

    You’ll quickly eliminate unwanted spam without creating customized filtering. There’s nothing to configure and nothing to setup. The Premium Service also provides daily reporting and rule-based filtering to save you even more time.

  • Skip the Manual Updates

    There’s nothing to install and nothing to update. The Premium Service provides full reporting on Awesome Antispam’s ongoing effectiveness.

  • Maintain Full Email Visibility

    You’ll maintain full admin-level access to your email archive, even the unwanted messages. The web-based administration, available with the Premium Service, allows you to check-in on your email filtering at your convenience.