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ASP.NET Hosting

Why Host Your Application with Applied Innovations?
The power and functionality of .Net Framework demands an experienced service-oriented hosting provider. With Applied Innovations you’ll start with a solid foundation for building exceptionally successful online ventures. hosting requires expertise, knowledge and experience. Applied Innovations is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with over 10 years of Windows hosting experience. And we offer a range of hosting options that are competitively priced but deliver far superior performance to the discount hosters.

"In my job as an independent web developer, I work with enough sites, on enough different servers, to truly appreciate the service delivered by Applied Innovations."
- Carol Smith, web designer

Applied Innovations’ Featured .Net Applications
.Net Applications
  • ASP.NET 4
  • ASP.NET 3.5
  • ASP.NET 2
  • *ASP.NET 1.1
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • MS SQL 2005
  • MS SQL 2008
  • MS SQL Reporting Services
  • Silverlight
  • DotNetNuke® Community Edition
  • Kentico CMS for ASP.NET
  • Sitefinity Community Edition
  • AtomSite
  • Kooboo CMS
Starter Kits
  • Beerhouse Starter Kit
  • Classified Site Starter Kit
  • Club Site Starter Kit
  • Job Site Starter Kit
  • Media Library Starter Kit
  • Personal Site Starter Kit
  • Small Business Starter Kit
  • Time Tracker Starter Kit
  • Gallery Server Pro
  • NopCommerce
  • Aspdotnetstorefront
  • BVCommerce
  • ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0
  • BlogEngine.NET
  • DasBlog
.Net Framework Hosting to Suit Any Purpose?
Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting Offers Basic Functionality and Best Economy

Ideal for:

  • Informational and basic ecommerce sites
  • Personal websites and blogs
  • Staging environments
  • Low-to-medium traffic volume sites

Benefits of Shared Hosting:

  • Lowest cost solution available
  • Fully managed, so no technical experience necessary
  • Intuitive Control Panel and an array of One Click Application Installers

VPS Hosting
Virtual Private Server Hosting Delivers Affordable Flexibility

Ideal for:

  • Seasonal businesses with a high variability of demand
  • Fast growth websites
  • Sites requiring greater security
  • Medium-to-high traffic sites

Benefits of VPS Hosting:

  • On-demand resources provide both flexibility and scalability to meet changing needs
  • High Availability promises automated failover
  • Host unlimited domains on one VPS plan
  • Partial or full management options available
Dedicated Server
Dedicated Hosting Provides Total Control over Your Environment

Ideal for:

  • Database driven sites
  • Secure information websites
  • Multiple website hosting for Resellers and Developers
  • High traffic sites

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting:

  • Robust environment with maximum space and processing power
  • Greater security
  • Partial or full management options available

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