Antispam Email Protection

Anti-spam Email Protection

Say goodbye to spam

Say goodbye to spam in minutes! With Awesome Antispam you’ll instantly be protected from email viruses, spam messages and phishing attacks. There’s nothing to install and nothing to setup. Get started today with a 30-Day Free Trial of Awesome Antispam’s Premium Protection Plan. After your free trial, you’ll have the opportunity to continue using Basic or Premium version of Awesome Antispam at a low monthly price.

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$15.00/ month
  • upto 100 Users
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Free for domain aliases
  • Web Administration
  • Secure Protection
  • 24/7 Tech Support
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  • Focus More Time on Your Business

    You’ll quickly eliminate unwanted spam without creating customized filtering. There’s nothing to configure and nothing to setup. The Premium Service also provides daily reporting and rule-based filtering to save you even more time.
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  • Skip the Manual Updates

    There’s nothing to install and nothing to update. The Premium Service provides full reporting on Awesome Antispam’s ongoing effectiveness.
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  • Maintain Full Email Visibility

    You’ll maintain full admin-level access to your email archive, even the unwanted messages. The web-based administration, available with the Premium Service, allows you to check-in on your email filtering at your convenience.
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