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About Us

Tier IV Facility with over 160 Global Carriers

The NAP of the Americas


In 2001 we moved our core operations to the NAP of the Americas and today all of our Managed Private Cloud customers reside in our space within the NAP of the Americas.  This facility is Tier IV datacenter that was the first purpose-built, carrier neutral Network Access Point of it's size. Located in Miami, one of the top 5 connected cities in the world.

Why We Trust Our Managed Private Cloud at The NAP

General Features

  • Over 160 Global Carriers
  • Tier IV Facility with 7 Tier I Service Providers
  • Command Center with security personnel (24 hours a day)
  • Housed on multiple power grids with Uninterrupted Power (provided by 12 HiTEC Continuous Power Systems) with better transfer rate than typical battery-based UPS
  • Only city in the country where optical, Ethernet, voice and Internet traffic are handed off in one location
  • 3,600 tons of redundant chiller backup capacity

Data Security Measures

  • 24/7 SECURITY: The data center’s command center has on-site armed security 24 hours a day. Security personnel monitor surveillance cameras on the grounds and safeguard access to the facility. Cardkey access is required for elevator use and entry into all areas.
  • MILITARY GRADE ENCRYPTION: NAP of the Americas utilizes military-grade data encryption to ensure top-level security on every server it houses. As a Tier-IV data center, it is certified as a host of the most sensitive of data, which is why the Nap of the Americas is a trusted service provider to some of the top businesses and government agencies in the world.

Natural Disaster Safe Guards

  • FLOODING: All equipment floors are located at least 32 feet above sea level, and the rooftop of NAP of the Americas data center was built with a slope in mind that creates an environment where extreme amounts of rainwater can easy be displaced. The NAP was specifically designed to handle storms exceeding 500-year storm proportions. There are also 18 rooftop drops that assist in rainwater drainage, ensuring all equipment remains safe. Also, the data center is located in a geographic location far beyond FEMA’s 500-year flood zone.
  • HURRICANES: This facility was designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. The data center was built using 7-inch-thick steel-reinforced concrete exterior panels, and the roof was constructed with 19 million pounds of concrete ballasts that add an extra layer of protection.
  • FIRES: A fire-suppression system, that actively detects fire while the building prevents water from entering the building, rounds out the enterprise-grade design. Water is only able to enter the data center if a fire is detected.

Managed Cloud IT

It's about providing you more time to run your business and less time worrying about your IT Infrastructure

With managed Cloud IT from Applied Innovations you’ll never have to worry about your servers again. Our team's unique proactive approach alleviates the pain of classic IT.

> Host your infrastructure anywhere in the world.
> Rest Easy with Geographic Redundancies.
> Increased security, reporting and simplified compliance.
> A team of trained experts monitoring your assets 24x7.
> Global Scale with Personalized service, on a first name basis.

It’s like hiring a full-service,
highly-skilled IT team for
about the price of a
double-shot latte a day!

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