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  • Azure Services: Azure Backup

    There are many backup systems available out there these days, but not all of them have the particular unique advantages of Azure Backup.  Here are some of the benefits of the Azure Backup service in terms of how it can enhance the functioning of your business. Azure Backup Overview Any service that focuses on backup […]

  • 6 Critical Cloud Backup Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

    Cloud backup is the “go-to” solution for data security in 2016. According to a study, 70% of IT professionals benefit from some form of cloud-based cyber security. That means they all get to enjoy secure data all year round, right? Well, that would be the case if there weren’t some easily preventable mistakes being made. Cloud […]

  • Keep Your Business Safe with Azure Security Services

    Azure Security Center and services is one of the Azure services that businesses can use to make sure that they keep their company safe across multiple platforms and in multiple different situations. Here are a few of the benefits to Azure Security Center, including how you can leverage it to stay safe in a dangerous […]

  • Hosted Private Cloud or Managed Public Cloud: What Option Makes Sense For You?

    if you follow this blog then you already know: the emergence of the cloud has already begun to revolutionize the way businesses manage their operations and data. From hosted desktops to cloud backups, the additional security, remote access, and a number of other benefits have become increasingly accessible for enterprise-level and small businesses alike. The […]

  • How the Cloud Can Help Your Business Get Back Online Quickly after a Natural Disaster.

    Between hurricanes constantly hammering the east coast, the wildfires in the northwest, and recent devastating Mexico earthquake, a lot of businesses are realizing that they do not have an ideal natural disaster plan. In fact, most businesses don’t have any natural disaster plan at all. Sure, your building has the basic flood and fire insurance but it […]

  • Azure’s Hybrid Use Benefit Offers Deep Discount on Windows VMs

    If you run Windows Server VMs in Azure, then you know that the cost of the licensing alone accounts for as much 40 percent of the total bill. However, with the introduction of Azure’s Hybrid Use Benefit (HUB), eligible Microsoft customers with Software Assurance (SA) can extend their on-premise licenses to the cloud, often reducing the cost […]

  • How Cloud Storage Can Help Your Business After a Natural Disaster

    No matter where your business is located, there is always the risk of a natural disaster coming in and upending everything you have been working hard to keep secure. Whether it is a tornado, earthquake, hurricane, or other, the physical premises of your business can be vulnerable to harm if not utter destruction. You cannot […]

  • Run Windows 10 in the Cloud with Microsoft’s Multitenant Hoster Program

    Until recently, Microsoft customers running Windows 10 on a virtual machine had only two choices: on-premise and Microsoft Azure. Now there is a third option: third-party hosts. The new option comes courtesy of Microsoft’s new Qualified Multitenant Hoster Program (QMTH Program), which extends Windows 10 virtualization rights to authorized third-party cloud hosts for the first time. Below […]

  • What is Azure Security Center?

    Azure Security Center is an advanced, unified security management platform that Microsoft offers all Azure subscribers. Features of the standard offering include security health monitoring for both cloud and on-premises workloads; security threat blocking through access and app controls; adjustable security policies for maintaining regulatory and standards compliance; security vulnerability discovery tools and patches; and advanced threat detection through […]

  • Do I buy Azure Direct or through a partner?

    Applied Innovations has always been on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to the Internet, Cloud Computing and Microsoft technologies, so it’s no wonder that Applied Innovations was among the earliest managed services provider to deliver services on top of Microsoft Azure.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen a growing interest in […]

  • 10 Azure Services That Can Enhance Your Data Analytics Operations

    We live in an age of big data. In fact, data volume is exploding; the last two years alone have generated more storable information than the entirety of prior human history. When analyzed and used correctly, this data can tell your business more about your audience, competitive environment, and forecasted success than you ever thought possible. But […]

  • 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud with Azure SQL Database

    As an alternative to expensive, relatively inflexible onsite database solutions, database-as-a-service (DBaaS) providers offer flexible, cloud-based databases as a subscription service. One of the most widely used and trusted DBaaS platforms is Azure SQL Database. There are at least five compelling reasons to transition to the cloud model for your SQL database with Azure: cost savings; […]