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April 2014

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  • The Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit | E-Commerce

    SQL Hosting Options & What’s Right for You

    When moving your site to a cloud server or dedicated environment there are a few different options for hosting your SQL database and the right solution will depend upon a few factors. To understand what SQL option is best for your hosting environment, you want to know which version of SQL you currently use (MS […]

  • The Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit | E-Commerce

    The Midsized Enterprise and the Cloud

    Earlier this week I was invited to Orlando to speak to a number of c level technology executives about the cloud, the impact on their business and what they were doing.  These businesses were all classified as companies with revenues between $100 million and $1 billion. All in, I met with about 100 CIO across […]

  • The Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit | E-Commerce

    Introducing Awesome Antispam! (Free 30-Day Trial)

    Are you tired of having to dig through your inbox for legitimate emails because you’re flooded with spam messages? Or does your current spam filter just not cut it anymore? Well, we’re proud to announce a new product offering from Applied Innovations – Awesome Antispam! As part of this new product launch, we’re offering a […]

  • The Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit | E-Commerce

    5 Things to Know About Your Website to Determine the Best Hosting Solution

    Oftentimes we’re asked to spec out a hosting solution just based upon visiting a URL, but unfortunately doing that only tells us a very small piece of the story. So what information helps web hosts understand what your website needs to perform at its best? 1. Software/Technology Used Websites can be built upon many different […]

  • The Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit | E-Commerce

    Why it Pays for Brands to be Responsive on Social Media

    Recently, we have seen a lot of social media missteps and a lot of brands getting bad media coverage because of them. It seems to have stirred up a bit of apprehensiveness towards being really responsive on social media and engaging with customers. Some people feel it’s just too easy to make a mistake and […]

  • The Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit | E-Commerce

    The Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit

    A very serious vulnerability in open source software called OpenSSL was recently discovered which allows malicious users to pull sensitive information from web servers.  The good news for Applied Innovations customers is that we host your sites on Microsoft IIS which is not vulnerable to this exploit.  Microsoft’s IIS web server does not use the […]