The Top 7 Security Threats Small Businesses Will Face in 2019

A new year brings new security challenges. To make things more difficult, the old challenges aren’t necessarily going away. Security risks pose potentially significant problems for small and medium businesses not prepared for them. If you fail to address them, there’s a good chance your business never recovers. Fortunately, it’s not all bad. The first…

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How to Protect Your Company from the Rogue IT Ex-Employee

It’s become fairly common to hear horror stories of the ex-employee who decided to “take the company down in flames” as they exited. Be it extortion, like what happened in Indiana in January,  or the ex-employee who maintains a backdoor account and proceeds to hack your data. It is important in this day and age…

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DNN Vulnerability being exploited, are you patched-

DNN Vulnerability being exploited, are you patched?

As with all web applications, it is important to keep current with application updates and security patches. This is especially true for CMS and E-Commerce applications that are widely used on the Internet like DNN. These solutions have a large install base and because of this hackers will target vulnerabilities in these solutions to get…

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Keeping Your Data Secure with Windows Cloud Hosting

The proliferation of software into the business world has made companies more productive and efficient. Simple word processing and spreadsheets have magnified the productive output of office workers over their counterparts of thirty years ago. ERP software allows companies to coordinate their vital business activities in ways not possible in the past. Web sites today can…

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The Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit

A very serious vulnerability in open source software called OpenSSL was recently discovered which allows malicious users to pull sensitive information from web servers.  The good news for Applied Innovations customers is that we host your sites on Microsoft IIS which is not vulnerable to this exploit.  Microsoft’s IIS web server does not use the…

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All About Applied Innovations’ State-of-the-Art Secure Network and Datacenters

Our infrastructure promises maximum reliability, security and performance. At Applied Innovations, we have constructed our entire infrastructure to deliver maximum reliability, security and performance. We set our standards far above the industry accepted minimums because that differentiates us from our competitors. To feel confident in your choice of web hosting partner, you need to know…

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