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6 Things an Extremely Reliable Web Host Will Have

Choosing a high quality web host is one of the most important decisions that a business can make regarding their online presence. Evaluating web hosts can be difficult. They all make similar promises, and you must dig a little deeper to truly evaluate what kind of service you can expect from a given company. There…

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How Cost Plays a Major Role in Web Hosting for Your Business

If you run a small business, one thing that you have to pay attention to is your expenses. It is far too easy for these costs to get in the way of success, growth, and profit, so it is worthwhile to deeply analyze this part of your business. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or…

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Is Your Shoestring Budget Hurting Your Business?

The hugely successful business with humble beginnings is the stuff of legends. There is no shortage of stories of successful businesses starting out in a garage or as the part-time diversions of busy college students in need of some extra cash. Today, the Internet is full of opportunity for the cash strapped entrepreneur to bootstrap…

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Five Reasons Why So Many Ecommerce Stores Fail

That so many e-commerce business startups fail (80% or more) should not come as a surprise since most business startups fail regardless of their type. However, e-commerce business failures happen because of reasons specific to the online world in addition to fundamental business oversights. The online business landscape has matured since the wild west days…

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Forrester predicts the private cloud is “doomed” cloud platform.

Many SMBs today struggle with making the right buying decisions given the blur of advertising and messaging scattered across the digital landscape; this, even though sellers of may not be over-selling their product lines, rather there are so many features to wade through. Add the fact that more businesses are opting to use a cloud…

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