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Forrester predicts the private cloud is “doomed” cloud platform.

Many SMBs today struggle with making the right buying decisions given the blur of advertising and messaging scattered across the digital landscape; this, even though sellers of may not be over-selling their product lines, rather there are so many features to wade through.

Add the fact that more businesses are opting to use a cloud platform for their hardware (HaaS) and software as a service (SaaS), they feel like they must make an either-or decision: leave their on-premise applications, files and documents behind and migrate to the cloud.

But, the choice is not one-or-the-other. In fact, the trend seems to be one of hybrid solutions. They are choosing to leave their core programs, files and documents on-premise, and look to the cloud for SaaS offerings. The latter is ideal for companies who rely on mobile access from outside sales, marketing and shipping/distribution.

Forrester notes more off-site storage…

If Microsoft is a predictor of things-to-come, then more growth is foreseen for cloud platforms, as aForrester survey points out: storage is trending more now toward the cloud.

‘Hybrid’ is here…

Companies are becoming more savvy about what to migrate to the cloud. They are making methodical decisions about the inner-workings of their organizations, and deciding how to best manage their data.

The choice is often to let a cloud-hosting service handle select files and applications, while relying on existing architecture and networks to deal with those critical files.

Private cloud?

Forrester is saying that the “remotely managed” cloud is becoming a legacy notion, a “doomed model.” What’s more the research company is predicting that the use of private clouds will decrease “significantly” in 2015

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