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Affordable, Scalable and Fully Managed Disaster Recovery

Don't Let Disasters Stop Your Business


With Managed Azure Disaster Recovery Services from Applied Innovations, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your business is protected and can recover in any of Microsoft’s 40+ global datacenters instantly in the event of a catastrophic event. Best of all, our team of experts will guide you through implementation, testing and will be at your service 24×7 when disaster strikes. It’s all part of our “Always Available, Always Easy!” promise.

Are You Prepared?
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Why Choose a Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution


Microsoft Azure

Rest easy knowing with Microsoft Azure your servers are protected in the same cloud used by 80% of Fortune 500 companies


Affordable Protection

Cloud-based DR solutions are significantly less expensive and less complex compared to traditional solutions.


Enhanced Security

Increased Security with  your solution deployed securely in Azure you’ll have maximum security


Instant Scale

Nearly infinite scale and capacity available instantly on demand. No servers to purchase or delays in recovery.

Benefits of Azure based Disaster Recovery

Since 1999, Applied Innovations has provided Managed Cloud IT services to thousands of businesses across the globe. As a leading Microsoft Partner and 1-Tier Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner, we’re uniquely experienced and equipped to assist your organization as you embark upon your digital transformation with Managed Azure Disaster Recovery Services.

Disaster Recovery is more important today than ever, but many businesses operate without a Disaster Recovery plan at all. We’ve created a simple assessment that provides customized guidance for your business and highlights how we can help. Take the Disaster Preparedness Self-Assessment today and learn just how prepared your business is today.

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