Managed Windows Hosting Services

Included in all Windows Cloud Servers and Windows Dedicated Hosting accounts is our Integrated management service because we believe hosting should be hassle-free while still allowing you ultimate control.

We also offer a completely turn-key management option referred to as ServerConcierge. With ServerConcierge our team of experts handles all management of your servers for you so you can focus on your business. 

Whether you're looking for a Managed Server with Integrated Management, a hands-off Fully Managed Server with ServerConcierge or Professional Services, Applied Innovations can deliver a solution tailored to your unique needs.

Integrated Management - Managed Cloud Hosting

Delivering the fundamentals of business success through our integrated server management service.  Included with every server is a full server management servic known as "Integrated Management". With Integrated Management you get the foundation required for cloud success.

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

We've built our network to be completely redundant and highly available. If for any reason the network goes offline or is inaccessible we offer a 100% Network SLA Guarantee. More details can be found in our SLA.

Operating System Patching & Updates

Every server is automatically integrated into our update service allowing us to test updates in a controlled environment before allowing them to be rolled out throughout the network. You ofcourse, have the option to override this at any time.

Network & Server Monitoring 24x7x365

Our team monitors the network, all underlying infrastructure and availability of your server ensuring your services remain online and functional around the cloud.

Instant Outage Response

Because of the redundancies in place and the monitoring leveraged we're able to instantly respond to outages and generally resolve them before even the most aware client notices.

Managed Malware Protection

Included at no charge is a centralized, managed antivirus and malware detection. Our team also monitors multiple blacklists and receives updates from sources such as Google in the event website malware is detected and will allow you immediately.

Managed Disaster Recovery

Included at no charge is 30GB of backup repository space and automatic nightly backups of your server environment. In the event you need more than 30GB of backup repository space it's available at a modest fee.

ServerConcierge - Turnkey Server Management

Applied Innovations’ Server Concierge Management option is a hassle-free turnkey solution that allows you to focus on your business instead of worrying about hosting infrastructure. It delivers all the benefits of Integrated Management PLUS an array of premium services that will ultimately change the way you look at web hosting.

All Features of Integrated Management

We start with our industry leading full server management found in "Integrated Management" as a base platform and expand upon the features found there.

System Administration & Resolution

In the event, your server becomes unstable, crashes or suffers a performance degradation our team will step and work to resolve the issues.

DNS Administration & Troubleshooting

We'll handle your DNS management and provide at no charge full access to our redundant DNS infrastructure.

SQL Server Administration

Our team of server administrators will install SQL Server, configure maintenance routines and ensure the server is operating correctly and being backed up routinely.

Extended Service Management

Beyond server and network availability monitoring we also monitor all key services running on your server and proactively attempt to remediate any outages within 3 minutes.

IIS Administration & Troubleshooting

In the event, the Web or FTP services are not functioning correctly, need to be optimized or you're just not sure what to do next, our team is available to assist you.

Mail Server Administration

We'll install, configure and administer SmarterMail mail services on your server.

Additional Professional Services Available

For the past 17 years, our team has specialized in delivering managed services on top of the Windows Server and Microsoft Cloud platform. As such we have a team of expert engineers available to assist 24x7 with professional services should they be required. Professional Services our team provides above and beyond those services included in a managed hosting platform include:

Migration Services

Our team is expertly skilled at providing migration services. Migration services available include database migration, server migration and website migration between services, clouds and providers.

Application Best Practices

Our team of windows server experts have decades of experience with all of the leading server and application software in use today and are able to assist you in best practice implementations.

Compliance & Security Services

Our team is expertly skilled at delivering compliant solutions to meet such requirements as HIPAA and PCI. With more than 17 years experience on the Microsoft platform we can definitely help you meet even the most stringent of requirements.

Server Software Upgrades & Installs

Whether you're looking to migrate between Windows Server editions, SQL Server editions or upgrade your mail server software our team of professional server administrators will be happy to provide a quote for services.

Load Testing & APM Monitoring

Often website developers forget to test an application under load until it's too late. At Applied Innovations we can help you setup, monitor and identify potential issues through Load Testing and Application Performance Monitoring.

Cloud Architecture

Whether you're building a single server environment, a clustered load balance environment or a geo-redundant fault tolerant environment our team of System Architects are able to assist you in building the ideal solution that meets your busines srequirements and budgetary demands.