Why Appliedi

Why Choose AppliedI?

At Applied Innovations, our focus is to provide hosting services that are always available and always easy. We realize there are many options for hosting providers, but there’s more to it than just having fast servers at good prices. Here are some reasons to choose us as your hosting provider:

Your Website Availability & Performance Matters

  • 750,000 sq. ft., purpose-built datacenter, with equipment floors 32 feet above sea level
  • Tier IV facility with N+2 power and cooling infrastructure, with Tier I Connectivity
  • Designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane with approximately 19 million pounds of concrete roof ballast and 7 inch thick steel reinforced concrete exterior panels

You Want Help When You Need It

whyus-helpOur team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…well simply, around the clock all year. Our expert support engineers are all enabled and empowered to assist with your questions or service and our goal is first call resolution on any assistance you may need. There’s no bureaucracy, no tiered levels, no hurdles. You get answers when you need them and you work with people empowered to make the necessary changes on the spot.

You Want to Know You're Getting the Best Value

Applied Innovations offers flexible solutions that can scale up or down as your business needs change. In such a dynamic world, promotions and growth can offer unexpected results and you must make sure your platform can handle such changes while remaining a high performance user experience. Our cloud infrastructure not only offers high availability automatic recovery in the event of hardware failure, but also allows you to scale resources on demand. With this scalability, you can run a lean environment during off peak seasons and a more robust solution when needed, ultimately controlling costs and eliminating unnecessary spending.

You Want the Coolest New Toys (a.k.a. Technology)

Ok, so technology is our toy box. We don’t have “innovation” in our name out whyus-collesttoysof happenstance. You may find our team members camped out in front of the Microsoft store, commenting on the latest Reddit news, or building servers in their spare time. That’s part of the reason Applied Innovations was the first host to launch a Windows 2012 cloud service offering and why we were one of the first two hosts to build a Hyper-V Cloud on top of Microsoft’s Dynamic Datacenter Toolkit, we live technology and it shows.

You Want a Trusted Partner

Trust is paramount. Our goal is to eliminate any worry and give you restful nights. Our team is a group of Windows hosting experts. We eat, sleep, and breathe hosting because we genuinely love what we do! But us telling you to trust us is not enough. You need to hear it from people who work with us. Check out some of our recent customer case studies:

You Want to Enjoy Working with Your Hosting Provider

Work is a four letter word, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. Your smiles give us smiles, so our team always focuses on taking the extra step to ensure you’re happy. If that means we help in areas outside of normal operations, so be it! We want to make your life as easy as possible and we want to have fun while doing that, so we’ll likely ask how your day is going and maybe how your favorite football team is doing.

Applied Innovations' Core Values



To provide worry free hosting services so our customers can focus on their business and provide value to their customers.


We will set the standard by which all Business Class Hosting Providers are measured. We will make the task of leveraging cutting-edge and innovative Internet server technologies in a way that helps our customers business to grow not only easy to use but worry-free. Our customers will rest easy knowing we’re powering their online business and we will be applauded, awarded and recommended by not only our customers but our industry. When asked to define the value our company provides, our customers will say “I would not have been able to grow my business to where it’s at today if it were not for the help I receive from Applied Innovations”.


  • INTEGRITY – By dealing honestly and openly with our fellow team members, our clients and our partners we’ll demonstrate integrity in business and become trusted business advisors.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – We will exemplify professionalism. We will always work in a professional, courteous, respectful manner with our team members, our vendors, our partners and our customers.
  • RELIABILITY – We’ll be there. Whether our team members or clients need us or not, we’ll be there and ready to assist them decisively and swiftly.
  • AGILITY –We’ll remain agile and innovative, allowing us adjust our technology and business processes to meet the ever changing needs of our clients and our company.
  • PERFORMANCE – By combining relentless innovation with unsurpassed service we perform for our clients and allow them to grow.

Our Customers

Flagship Datacenter: NAP of the Americas

Applied Innovations uses the NAP of the Americas® as our flagship Tier-IV datacenter. This facility was the first purpose-built, carrier-neutral Network Access Point and is located in one of the top 5 connected cities in the world, Miami, FL.



  • 24/7 SECURITY: The data center’s command center has on-site armed security 24 hours a day. Security personnel monitor surveillance cameras on the grounds and safeguard access to the facility. Cardkey access is required for elevator use and for entry into all areas..
  • MILITARY GRADE ENCRYPTION: NAP of the Americas utilizes military-grade data encryption to ensure top-level security on every server it houses. As a Tier-IV data center, it is certified as a host of the most sensitive of data, which is why the Nap of the Americas is a trusted service provider to some of the top businesses and government agencies in the world.


  • FLOODING: All equipment floors are located at least 32 feet above sea level and the rooftop of NAP of the Americas data center was build with a slop in mind that creates an environment where extreme amounts of rainwater can easy be displaced. The NAP was specifically designed to handle storms exceeding 500-year storm proportions. There are also 18 rooftop drops that assist in rainwater drainage, ensuring all equipment remains safe. In additional the data center is located in a geographic location far beyond FEMA’s 500-year flood zone.
  • HURRICANES: This facility was designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. The data center was built using 7-inch-thick steel-reinforced concrete exterior panels and the roof was constructed with 19 million pounds of concrete ballasts that add an extra layer of protection.
  • FIRES:A fire-suppression system, that actively detects fire while the building prevents water from entering the building, rounds out the enterprise-grade design. Water is only able to enter the data center if a fire is detected.

Applied Innovations Security

Security is an integral part in hosting your site, especially in the cloud. Applied Innovations stays on the cutting edge of technology in all areas including security, so you can be assured that your Windows cloud hosting is safe and secure.

At Applied Innovations, your services are protected by a unique 7-Point Security System:

  1. Edge Security Router & Firewall
    – Protects the entire network by blocking and allowing packets based upon current threats on the Internet
  2. Juniper & Correro Network IPS
    – Transparent traffic analysis which removes suspicious traffic
  3. Core Security Router & Firewall
    – Protects external networks by containing known threats that are occurring, such as internet relay chat (IRC),
    traffic to embargoed countries, and botnet recruitment prevention
  4. Dedicated Firewall (OPTIONAL)
    – Juniper, Fortinet, and Cisco firewall options with client-specific rulesets which enable enhanced services like IPS
    (intrusion prevention system), A/V (anti-virus), UTM (unified threat management), and VPN (virtual private network)
  5. Server-Level Security (WINDOWS FIREWALL, TRENDMICRO A/V)
    – Protects the individual server by blocking known threats
  6. Proactive Monitoring/Reporting
    – Multi-level network reporting and monitoring tools in place and managed 24/7/365 including client-specific security analysis.
  7. Expert Engineers
    – Juniper Certified Network & Security Engineers

Managed Windows Hosting Services

All Windows Cloud Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers come with two options for managed services. Integrated management is offered with every server at Applied Innovations because we believe hosting should be hassle-free while still allowing you ultimate control. But for those of you who don't have on-hand systems administrators or would simply prefer to focus on your core business, we also offer our signature ServerConcierge management service. With ServerConcierge you leave all the server administration and troubleshooting to us, the Windows hosting experts!

Integrated Management:

Fundamentals for Success

With Applied Innovations’ standard Integrated Management – included with every Cloud Server – you get the hassle-free benefits of cloud hosting with ultimate control, flexibility and scalability. We see these features as fundamental to providing a solid hosting foundation, which means you get greater functionality at the best price.

  • Network & Server Monitoring 24x7x365
  • Operating System Patches & Updates
  • Maintain Network Uptime & Guarantee
  • Maintain Hardware Uptime & Provide Replacements As Necessary
  • Immediate Response to Cluster/Hardware Configuration, Data Center & Network Issues
  • Managed Daily Backup & Retention

ServerConcierge Management:

The White Glove Treatment

Applied Innovations’ Server Concierge Management option is a hassle-free turnkey solution that allows you to focus on your business instead of worrying about hosting infrastructure. It delivers all the benefits of Integrated Management PLUS an array of premium services that will completely change the way you look at web hosting.

  • All Features of Integrated Management
  • Services & Application Monitoring 24x7x365
  • System Administration & Troubleshooting
  • IIS Administration & Troubleshooting
    (Web Services & FTP Services)
  • DNS Administration & Troubleshooting
  • Mail Server Admin & Troubleshooting
  • SQL Administration & Troubleshooting