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Archive for October 2018

How the Cloud Helps in a Natural Disaster

Many of today’s companies are reeling after a series of natural disasters swept the nation. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma did significant damage to many areas, making it impossible for those businesses to operate normally. Whether your business is in the middle of a flood zone and you’re looking for ways to make the entire process…

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Azure DDOS Protection, what is and why you need it

One of the big things you have to be careful about when you’re running a site online is something called a Denial of Service attack. Fortunately, Azure DDoS Protection is an effective way to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you. Here’s a little bit about what a denial of service threat is, why…

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Multi-factor Authentication on Azure, an Intro

The Internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place. Hacking is becoming prevalent and every day you hear about more and more breaches in all sorts of different companies throughout the globe. This is why Multi-factor Authentication as a service from Azure is so important. Here’s a little information about the service including how it can…

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An Intro to Azure Stack

Azure Stack extends Azure to your on-premises environment, powering your own private Azure cloud. In the Azure team’s own words, Azure gives you their code (in the form of a stack) for running Azure in your own datacenter, or a qualified host’s datacenter. With your private Azure platform in place, you can then run Azure services outside of…

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azure maps

An Intro to Azure Maps

Azure Location Based Services has been renamed Azure Maps and is now publicly available. Here we take a close look at five sets of location APIs that drive the Azure Maps service as a whole: data visualization; search and geocoding; directions and routing; and time zones and daylight-savings offsets. By combining these services as needed, app-builders can…

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Push the Cloud to Your IoT Device with Azure IoT Edge

Now publicly available, Azure IoT Edge makes it possible for any enterprise to run cloud-based IoT and AI-related software directly on their IoT devices, even when they’re offline. If you’re an Azure customer, this means no longer needing to upload your IoT device’s collected data to Azure to leverage the benefit of Azure’s IoT-related data processing services.…

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Azure Services: Azure Insights

Application Insights from Azure is a service that can be of significant help to anyone that needs reliable applications in order to run their business. Here’s some information about Application Insights, including exactly how it can help a business. Azure Insights Overview Azure Insights is useful in that it allows you to check for both…

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How Cloud Hosting Saves You When Disaster Strikes

Many of us have experienced this scenario: you arrive at work to find that the power is out in your building. Perhaps there was a storm the night before, or some joy-rider crashed his truck into a pole holding a power line. You cannot access your company’s data because the server is down. Even those working remotely…

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