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Understanding the Impact of Google’s Mobile First Index on Your Website

It’s official: optimizing your website for mobile devices is no longer optional. Given the continuing trend of internet access through smartphones and tablets, developing an online presence with mobile users in mind has been the recommended best practice among industries for a while. But Google’s latest update moves this strategy from recommendation to absolute must.…

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Azure Services: Azure Insights

Application Insights from Azure is a service that can be of significant help to anyone that needs reliable applications in order to run their business. Here’s some information about Application Insights, including exactly how it can help a business. Azure Insights Overview Azure Insights is useful in that it allows you to check for both…

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How Cloud Hosting Saves You When Disaster Strikes

Many of us have experienced this scenario: you arrive at work to find that the power is out in your building. Perhaps there was a storm the night before, or some joy-rider crashed his truck into a pole holding a power line. You cannot access your company’s data because the server is down. Even those working remotely…

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7 Habits of The Most Successful E-commerce Websites Owners

While the idea of building a website, snapping some photos of your products, uploading them to that site, and promoting your goods seems fairly easy and straightforward enough, anyone who runs an e-commerce business knows just how taxing and demanding this line of work can be. Although the work is difficult, it is far from impossible and…

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Azure: Security and Compliance Services

Security and compliance are two words that should be at the forefront of any e-commerce entrepreneurs mind. These are both concepts that are highly important for making sure your business stays viable and even just operational at a basic level without being shut down or seriously irritating customers and losing their faith and trust. Security…

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Cloud Computing and How It Can Help Your Business

Over the last four decades, computing has undergone many changes that have had a profound effect on the end-user experience. Back in the days of the mainframe computer before the Internet, only large companies or institutions (such as universities) could afford to have a mainframe and the staff for its support. The end-user accessed the…

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Azure Services: Cloud Cost Management

Often, the most critical part of any business comes down to the numbers for overhead and total costs and fees. If you happen to need to use cloud services and other services related to running a business online, then you could certainly benefit from Microsoft Azure Cost Management Services. Azure Cost Management Overview One of…

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