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Should You Migrate Your Data to Azure or AWS?

Businesses are moving to cloud services in large numbers. The move promises flexibility, reliability, and economy. It saves having to maintain and upgrade an on-premises server, and it allows unlimited growth without having to acquire new hardware. Cloud data storage is especially attractive, since it’s scalable, accessible from anywhere, and protected against data loss. The…

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Which is better: WooCommerce or Magento?

With the growing popularity of e-commerce for business, many online shopping platforms have risen to meet the needs of growing companies. Two e-commerce platforms, in particular, have managed to stand apart as forces to be reckoned with in the world of online shopping. These e-commerce platforms are WooCommerce and Magento. If you are looking to…

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Creating an Highly Available, Reliable and Safe Cloud Environment on Azure

There have been concerns surrounding cloud computing and services for quite some time. All the while more organizations have been employing the use of the cloud environment and its technologies. One survey reported these statistical indicators: The primary cloud computing concern, lack of expertise and resources, fell to 25% down 7 percent from 2016. Only…

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5 Steps to Make Your Website Accessible and Avoid a WCAG Lawsuit

More than 100 businesses—including Home Depot, Footlocker, Brooks Brothers and Sears—have been successfully sued in federal court and forced to pay expensive settlements because their websites were not accessible to people with disabilities.  According to Accessibility Works: “Website accessibility lawsuits and threatened claims have become big business…More law firms are filing lawsuits or sending demand…

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Using Azure Application Insights to Understand What Your Users Are Doing

The rate of innovation happening today on Microsoft Azure is incredible. Over the last year alone, they’ve added a lot of new features enabling a better understanding of what your business and customers do. One of the best of these features is Application Insights, giving you a window into how users interact with your business…

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