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We’re Launching a New Ticket System

Applied Innovations is excited to announce that we will be migrating our ticket system and online help portal to SmarterTrack as of March 2, 2015. SmarterTrack is a powerful communications platform that provides an online help desk for initiating, tracking, managing, and reporting on a number of different communication channels. SmarterTrack provides a centralized outlet…

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Disaster Recovery plans may use a Risk Assessment analysis; ‘incident response manager’ may be needed.

A lot of business owners have different ideas about what a disaster recovery plan is all about. To some, it’s backing up to a tape, external drive, or hosting service. Regardless, behind most any recovery strategy is the notion of getting the company back up and running in an efficient manner. Usually, this is successful…

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Top 10 Issues Plaguing your Website Performance

Did you know that your website performance can actually be losing revenue for your business? Your website may be plagued with issues that are impacting your customer’s experience and ultimately costing you money. If you have an ecommerce site, your website performance is critical, and downtime can be very costly for your bottom line. Shoppers…

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