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Quality Service for Customer Loyalty

In honor of the most romantic month of the year, we were inspired to discuss the importance of getting your customers to fall in love with your business through outstanding customer service. Having a great product is only one part of the equation. As time goes on, businesses see more and more competitors enter their…

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Event Recap: South Florida Code Camp & IRWD 2013

Earlier this month, Applied Innovations attended two major conferences in South Florida – the South Florida .NET Code Camp and the 2013 Internet Retailer Web Design and Usability Conference (IRWD). This year, over 900 developers met at the South Florida Code Camp, and IRWD remained true to its smaller, more engaged crowd. At the Code…

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Customer Spotlight: Brave New Markets

For over 14 years, Brave New Markets has delivered innovative digital and interactive marketing solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries, including commercial and consumer services, technology, manufacturing, home improvements and more. When this full-service digital marketing agency needed reliable web hosting and a dedicated team ready to accommodate last-minute needs, they turned…

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Leveraging Social Media to Compete in a World of Instant Marketing

Most social media skeptics have been quieted by the undeniable impact sites like Facebook and Twitter have had not only on society, but business and even politics as well. Marketing has undergone a dramatic evolution from traditional, planned campaigns and calls to action to engaging on demand. It goes without saying that ad spots during…

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It’s All Fun & Games Until a Balloon Pops

At AppliedI there are days we get a little goofy, OK maybe a lot goofy. One of our favorite days of the year to act out happens to be our CEO’s birthday. To be fair, we have to make sure he knows how much we care! This year we were very fortunate because Jess (our…

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