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It’s All Fun & Games Until a Balloon Pops

At AppliedI there are days we get a little goofy, OK maybe a lot goofy. One of our favorite days of the year to act out happens to be our CEO’s birthday. To be fair, we have to make sure he knows how much we care!

This year we were very fortunate because Jess (our infamous CEO) happened to be traveling the week of his birthday, which gave us a lot of time to plan and execute a pretty epic celebration. Our Chief Fun Officer, Kate (who might want to change her title “Resident Prank Genius”), came up with the brilliant idea to fill Jess’s office with an insane amount of balloons. To be exact the team blew up 625 balloons, yes you heard that right, 625. So in case you’ve been wondering why his response times have been slower today, your answer lies in the result of our hard work.




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