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High Availability Hosting 101

Downtime affects businesses in different ways. For some businesses, revenue loss is roughly proportional to the downtime of their website. This is the case when traffic levels and visitor values are relatively constant over time. A small amount of downtime will have a proportionately small revenue impact. For those business websites with uneven traffic and…

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Brute Force Hacking: Why IP Banning Isn’t Enough

The bane of all popular content Management Systems is that they’re targeted by the community of hackers. Within this community, there are ethical hackers as well as those that prefer the “dark side” of hacking. Thanks to the availability of brute force password cracking tools, anyone with no particular talent can join in. Here is a post on…

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Announcing a SmarterMail Upgrade

As you know, our mission is to provide worry-free hosted services, so our customers can focus on their business and provide value to their customers.  Reliable and worry free email services are a core part of this mission. We understand the vital, business critical role and importance that email plays in your day to day…

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Private Cloud Vs. Public Cloud Servers: Which One Is Better?

By now, you’re probably aware of the benefits of cloud servers: the reduced operational costs, scalability, customization, the ability to quickly expand the server base. However, when it comes to private cloud or public cloud servers, which one is better? According to a recent blog post published at AVNetwork, it depends on what your specific…

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