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Windows VPS Hosting

Should You Get a Web Hosting Reselling Business?

You may be looking to get into the web hosting reselling business, but you’re not sure where to start, or how to make your business a financially successful one. In this blog, we will discuss what a reseller web hosting business entails, and give you some exclusive tips and tricks on how to make your…

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Choosing High Availability Hosting

The conventional system of web hosting is the shared server. In most shared servers, multiple websites from dozens or even hundreds of websites are housed on the same server. All resources on the server, such as memory, hard drive space, processor speed, and so forth are all shared among the websites on the server. This means…

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Choosing a Windows VPS Hosting Provider

The world of web hosting is filled with more options than any one person can possibly analyze. There are dozens of providers, each with their own unique product offering and feature set. At Applied Innovations, we focus on providing Windows VPS Hosting that is always available and always easy. It’s our motto and, more importantly,…

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How our IPS Protects our Customers

When we hire a new cloud hosting support engineer the first thing I like to let them know is that their job is exciting as they’ll be involved in cutting edge technologies. It’s a challenging job as every day they’ll be faced with a new issue they probably haven’t handled before and also a rewarding…

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Basic Tips for a Secure Cloud Hosting

Moving to the cloud. It seems like everyone’s doing it. So it must be safe and secure, right? With any type of server, security should be a priority and when moving to the cloud there are a few things to note to make sure you’re as secure as possible. Choosing Cloud Products Virtualization software.  By…

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Easy Scalability and Reliability

We get to implement a lot of great technology at Applied Innovations that helps our customers drive their bottom line and increase revenues.  One such example that’s been a favorite of mine is the Application Request Routing (ARR) module for IIS 7.  In short, ARR is a high quality, cost effective load balancing solution that…

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