SmarterMail Tidbits

  • SmarterMail 4 Delivers (HAM)

    With 3 previous builds under their belt, the folks from SmarterTools have hit the bulls eye in more than one dartboard with SmarterMail 4.  For starters, today’s Internet users face a huge problem while digging for HAM and spending unaccountable number of hours macheting away SPAM.  However, SmarterMail 4 ranks a higher IQ than spammers by combining Greylisting and Spamassasin […]

  • SmarterMail 3

    The streamlined web interface for SmarterMail 3.x now includes elements of AJAX, which means that webmail performs more like a desk- top application. A full-featured skinn- ing system allows you to incorporate your own design elements into the interface, thereby helping with corp- orate branding and further increasing the comfort level of your users. SmarterMail […]