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Failed Request Tracing in IIS7 helps to answer- why

Failed Request Tracing (also called FREB) is an IIS7 request-based tracing tool that helps figure out what exactly is happening to web server requests and why. Poor performance on some requests, authentication-related failures on other requests, or even server 500 errors from ASP or were a nightmare to troubleshoot in previous IIS versions since…

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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status renewed for 5th year

As Windows Web hosting experts, we are fully committed to achieving the latest and greatest in technical expertise and delivering a truly innovative and intelligent hosting service. On this note, we are pleased to announce that Microsoft has renewed our status as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for the 5th consecutive year! With this year’s…

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Applied Innovations speaks about the Dynamic Datacenter Toolkit

We pride ourselves on bringing cutting edge and innovative technologies to our customers in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to utilize. One offering we’ve been promoting quite well has been our Windows 2003 VPS hosting offering.  Late last year we started working on our Windows 2008 VPS Hosting offering around Hyper-V. As…

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