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June 2014

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    Choosing A Color Scheme For Your E-Commerce Store

    Starting an e-commerce store requires lots of thought and preparation.  You have to create a business plan, a marketing strategy, research your target audience and competitors, and more.  With all of the financial aspects you have to work on, it’s easy to neglect something like graphic design.  But don’t forget about your store’s appearance—the look […]

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    How to save your company $5600 with a 30 day free trial!

    At Applied Innovations we’re passionate about making online business success easy.  What’s that mean? It means we work to take all the headaches away and we do what we do so you don’t have to.  In taking away those headaches for you, we end up saving your company time and money and here’s a couple great […]

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    3 Tips To Improve Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

    Having an online presence is essential these days and businesses know it.  It seems like every company is on social media advertising their products, but how do you jump in and get involved with the social sphere?  Twitter might just be your starting ticket.  With Twitter, you’ll have a platform to get started on while […]

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    Security Tips For The WordPress Content Management System

    Word press enjoys immense popularity as a content management system (CMS). About 22.4% of all websites on the Internet use it. Because of this popularity, it is also the CMS of choice for hackers. Thanks to its huge community of developers that create thousands of themes and plugins, a website using the WordPress CMS is very flexible. Unfortunately, […]

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    3 E-Commerce Myths People Believe

    One of the main selling points of e-commerce is convenience. Shoppers love having the ability to get what they want without the hassle of running out to the store. Online shopping is exploding in popularity these days. And with such demand for online stores, it’s no surprise that more e-commerce businesses pop up everyday. But […]

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    The Dominican Foundation

    Earlier this month I attended a great fundraiser event in New York city celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Dominican Foundation.  I was invited by Paul Schenkel, a Microsoft colleague who is also a board member.   You see, last year I traveled to the Dominican Republic to attend a CEO retreat at a resort in […]