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Is Coffee Shop or Hotel Wi-Fi Safe? 8 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Public WIFI networks are extremely convenient and found almost everywhere. Whether you are stepping out of the house or office to a coffee shop, mall, airport, or retail store, you are assured of free WIFI. The availability of public WIFI networks has led to an increase in the time people spend online. A quick question;…

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How to Address the Threats that BYOD Brings to Your Business

BYOD, short for bring your own device, is a rapidly expanding business trend. The industry is expected to triple in revenue within the next 5 years, as more than half the global workforce will be mobile during that same timeframe.  It’s a natural development. We’re less bound by location in working for our employers, and…

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Which is Right for You?

Business continuity and disaster recovery: you’ve probably heard of them before, but how much do you know about them? Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, they don’t mean the same thing at all. Effectively planning how to manage data in the event of downtime or disasters requires you to have a deep understanding…

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shadowy figure

Gaining Visibility into Shadow IT: The Case of NASA JPL

What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Shadow IT?’ For some people, they first think about Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Shadows –formerly referred to as League of Assassins- in the film Batman. This answer is not far from the truth because Shadow IT is an assassin targeting organizations with huge adverse…

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3 Pillars of Email Authentication: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Since the advent of the internet, spam mail has been on the rise. 45% of emails sent are spam emails equating to about 14.5 billion spam emails daily. Many businesses and individuals fall victim to spam emails every day. Spam Email has adverse effects including increasing security breaches, decreasing productivity, and huge financial repercussions. The…

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18 Steps to Improving BYOD Security

BYOD or Bring your own device policies are becoming more and more common, especially for contractors and people who work remotely. Many employees don’t want to have to carry two separate cell phones, do work in their own home on their own desktop, or have one laptop for both work and personal purposes. BYOD also…

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Digital Duplicates of Your Spaces and Structures with Azure Digital Twins

Many software packages can model a network and the data flowing through its devices. With the Internet of Things, though, this isn’t enough. The devices obtain input from their environment, and their actions affect it. Really modeling their actions requires including their interactions with the physical environment. Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins addresses this need. It…

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User accessing macbook air

Zero-Day Zoom Webcam Vulnerability targeting Apple Macs announced

Apple Macbooks and iMacs have been long praised for their built-in security features and access restrictions, unfortunately, the software you install on your Macbook, not so much! Yesterday, Jonathan Leitschuh provided a post on Medium, the popular blog aggregation service, about a zero-day vulnerability in Zoom’s Conferencing software the opens your Apple MacOS computer to…

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The Ever Changing Importance of Technology in Hospitality

Think about the experience of booking, and staying at, a hotel 10-15 years ago. You may have called to make a reservation. When you got to your room, you may have paid extra for dial-up internet access, but more than likely you were off to your destination after dropping off your stuff. You made sure…

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