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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started in the Cloud

 Especially to small business owners and technology principals, buzzwords can be both confusing and worrisome. As your competition is embracing big data, machine learning, and predictive analytics, are you ready and willing to keep pace? Cloud computing is one of those buzzwords. You’ve probably heard of it, and might even have a vague idea of what…

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Azure Functions – An Introduction

Azure Functions is a service from Azure that allows developers to create serverless code. The idea is that you can build apps more quickly with this approach than you’d be able to otherwise. Azure Functions Overview A major part of Azure Service Functions includes the fact that it can process events for you. Essentially, it…

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Technology and Nonprofits: How the Cloud is Helping NonProfits to Achieve More

In the contemporary digital age, many businesses are ditching onsite data storage for cloud-based storage.  They are harnessing numerous benefits from cloud computing ranging from lower costs to accessibility and improved security. In fact, 81% of American businesses use the cloud as a source of competitive advantage. Luckily, the benefits of cloud computing extend far…

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How Hotel WiFi is Transforming Your Hotel IT Into a Profit Center

It’s tempting to see free WiFi as an overhead costs. Your hotel guests expect it, so you have to pay for reliable service in all rooms and public areas. If you fail to do so, the negative reviews start coming in. Think water or electricity, which are simple expectations of any guests as they arrive…

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