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10 Ways to Improve WordPress Performance on Windows

(Adopted from Last year I attended the San Francisco WordCamp because I wanted to see what the Core WordPress team had to say about WordPress Hosting on Windows.   Sadly, it was my experience there that they’re still not very Windows friendly.  I personally believe it’s one of two reasons: There’s still this mentality that…

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Your First Month Windows Cloud Server Hosting for Just $29.95!

Get a new Windows Cloud Server for just $29.95 for the first month, plus $40 per month instant rebate* for the next three months. Appliedi offers WebMatrix – featuring great apps, powerful tools and kick-a&# pricing – everything you need to build websites FAST on Windows. WebMatrix is designed to help you create, deploy and…

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Surf the Surge! Maximizing a Promotional Event

Planning a promotion that will drive a surge of traffic to your website? Prepare well and surf the surge for maximum results! What Kind of Promotional Events Are We Talking About? Is your product going to be featured on The Morning Show or even a local Talk Radio show? Are you being interviewed for a…

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Love at First Site

7 Tactics for Building and Maintaining a Website Your Visitors Will Love Do you believe in “love at first site”? Are you enjoying a “long term engagement”? All Valentine’s metaphorical humor aside, customer engagement and repeat site traffic are serious business for any online-based enterprise. What promotes loyalty, earns you the adoration of your customers,…

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