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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Computing and Big Data: How the Two Work Together

The world is creating new digital information at escalating rates. The bulk of this information growth isn’t generated in a planned and structured way as is done by scholars and scientists. Rather, it’s a byproduct of the frenetic digital activity of the world’s population, as well as the enormous digital output of the world’s sensors.…

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Cloud Services vs. Cloud Impersonators

What is cloud computing? Really? It doesn’t have any official, legally accepted definition. In the broadest sense, it just means “someone else’s computer.” When you look for cloud computing, you expect something more than that, but you need to make sure that’s what you’re getting. Otherwise it’s just a remote data center at best. If it doesn’t…

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The Importance of SSL and HTTPS

More than half of the pages viewed on the Web are now delivered by HTTPS and SSL. Your site should be among them. It improves not only your site’s security but its search engine performance. There are two ways to access Web pages: By the HTTP and the HTTPS protocols. HTTP sends everything as unencrypted…

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Cloud Computing and How It Can Help Your Business

Over the last four decades, computing has undergone many changes that have had a profound effect on the end-user experience. Back in the days of the mainframe computer before the Internet, only large companies or institutions (such as universities) could afford to have a mainframe and the staff for its support. The end-user accessed the…

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5 Aspects of Implementing a HIPAA Compliant Cloud You Need to Know

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been in use for 20 years now. It enforces a standard that helps protect medical records and other personal health information. Basically, it ensures healthcare organizations implement specific security measures when it comes to electronic data. That’s why working with a HIPAA compliant cloud – that respects the law’s…

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Why Managed Cloud Services Are a Growth Hack for Small Businesses

Cloud technology is no longer an unknown and futuristic term. Things have changed a lot and managed cloud services have become more accessible than ever. And it’s not just because they’re a cost-effective solution for small businesses. Moving everything to the cloud offers countless benefits. Additionally, some argue that by 2020 almost 80% of US small businesses will…

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