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Archive for August 2015

5 Benefits To Windows Cloud Hosting

There are many benefits to Windows cloud hosting, which takes advantage of private virtual servers as opposed to servers you have located on premises. More and more companies are choosing to launch their Windows onto a cloud and that is because it has the ability to save money and provide various benefits to employees. Availability…

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Seven E-commerce myths you should leave behind

Much as we wish there weren’t, there are a lot of misconceptions about E-commerce out there. Not only do these misconceptions affect how E-commerce companies do business, but also with whom they do business. However, the myths and realities of E-commerce businesses can be quickly and easily understood. That being said, here are seven myths…

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Businesses And The Environment Both Benefit From Cloud Computing

There are many reasons why businesses use cloud computing. Cloud computing is very affordable because you don’t have to buy your own hardware infrastructure or hire staff for its operation and maintenance. Cloud computing allows for faster deployment of services because you don’t have to spend weeks or months acquiring and setting up the infrastructure.…

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Use Heat Maps To Optimize Your Ecommerce Site

A heat map is a visual web analytics tool that is very useful for improving the conversion of your ecommerce site. While analytics tools that provide numerical data are essential, they fail to provide the same kind of insights that a visual representation does. For example, having someone tell you that two people were prowling around in…

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