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Archive for February 2016

Is Shared Hosting Right for You? How to Choose a Hosting Plan

Of the different hosting options available, shared hosting is the most popular. The reason is that it’s affordable and it gets the job done for most individuals and businesses with moderate levels of traffic. Shared hosting also allows you to inexpensively test a hosting provider. This is important because there’s only so much you can learn from research.…

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Annual Disaster Recovery (DR) exercises key to surviving failures.

How often do companies, and organizations, conduct an actual Disaster Recovery (DR) exercise? Monthly? Annually? Most companies, according to Forrester Research, say they run their DR plan once-a-year. But, a post on the CIO website offers a different conclusion: business are not running regular DR programs; consequently, their chances are bleak when it comes time…

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Should You Get a Web Hosting Reselling Business?

You may be looking to get into the web hosting reselling business, but you’re not sure where to start, or how to make your business a financially successful one. In this blog, we will discuss what a reseller web hosting business entails, and give you some exclusive tips and tricks on how to make your…

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The Endless Possibilities of Shared Hosting and WordPress

If you have a limited budget or have better uses for your money than sinking thousands or tens of thousands of dollars into a website, then you may want to consider Windows shared hosting and WordPress. Why this particular combination? The short answer is that shared hosting with the right provider is low-cost and noncommittal.…

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Why Hosting Can Make or Break Your Web Design Business

Web design is a satisfying career choice for many freelancers. It requires technical expertise, a good eye for visual design, and the ability to interact well with clients. If you do your marketing right, the career is lucrative. As with all challenging endeavors, it has a downside. Sometimes things can go horribly wrong. The descriptive…

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