Cloud infrastructure in 2016: What are businesses expecting?

If you’re currently a cloud reseller or are considering becoming one, you’ve likely picked up on the increasing demand for cloud services. A variety of businesses – small, medium-sized, and large – are making use of the cloud in different ways.

As a cloud reseller, what should you offer them in the coming year?

Insurance Networking News recently posted an article on cloud computing trends. According to the article, more businesses are generally discovering that cloud computing isn’t simply a bonus feature – but rather, that it should become a part of their IT configuration, essential to their long-term business plans.

Businesses are looking for a variety of qualities in cloud computing, including the following:

  • Scalability. They want to use only the resources they need and to change their resource usage quickly and seamlessly.
  • Speed. Businesses are looking for cloud services that work not only reliably but quickly.
  • Integration. Companies are increasingly looking for flexible, practical, and cost-effective solutions for integrating cloud services into their existing IT configuration. For example, how can they use the cloud across different kinds of devices, particularly mobile devices? How can they adopt cloud-based solutions in an IT environment that also includes on-site servers and software hosted locally? Part of what businesses look for are solutions tailored to their specific needs and IT configuration; they need strong management and support.

Powerful and reliable cloud infrastructure and cloud-based services are critical now and will be crucial in the years to come. As a cloud reseller, what value are you offering businesses? Are you helping them save on IT costs? Are you providing them with more efficient solutions?

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As you consider what you’ll be offering businesses in 2016, know that you can rely on us to give you top-notch cloud services that you can then resell to your clients.

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