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7 Great WebMatrix Tricks & Tips Sites

We think WebMatrix is a pretty amazing tool and apparently we’re not alone as there’s about 700,000 mentions of it throughout the web today. We wanted to put together a list of great tutorials, tips and tricks that have been posted on the web and here’s our favorite 7 sites. 7 favorite WebMatrix Tricks &…

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How to host on you WebMatrix Hosting Beta account!

Last month we announced the AppliedI Labs environment along with a partnership we’re running with Microsoft to provide free hosting for the WebMatrix Beta tool.  When signing up for an account you’d have to work with a URL like: and although this allowed you to experience WebMatrix, ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor) and a slew of…

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Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server 2.0 added to AppliedI-Labs

One of the great features of AppliedI-Labs is that we’re able to load new technology onto servers extremely early.  I’m pleased to announce that just a couple days ago the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server 2.0 were released and are already available on our AppliedI-Labs environment and will soon be made available across…

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AppliedI Labs announces support for IIS Media Services 4.0 Beta

I’m pleased to announce support for IIS Media Services 4.0 including: Smooth Streaming Presentations, Web Playlists and Bit Rate Throttling has been enabled in the AppliedI Labs environment.  At the core of the AppliedI Labs mission is to provide you with early access to the latest beta technologies and innovations so you can begin experimenting…

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