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Archive for November 2018

Is Managed Microsoft Azure Right For You?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service platform that covers all aspects of the environment. Some of the features it offers are: Virtual machines Web application support Cloud services Data and storage management File services Virtual networks Traffic management Developer services These components all work with one another, but you only use the ones you need. This…

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Cloud Services vs. Cloud Impersonators

What is cloud computing? Really? It doesn’t have any official, legally accepted definition. In the broadest sense, it just means “someone else’s computer.” When you look for cloud computing, you expect something more than that, but you need to make sure that’s what you’re getting. Otherwise it’s just a remote data center at best. If it doesn’t…

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Azure Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Let’s face it, maintaining your own data center infrastructure is a thing of the past. The return on investment (ROI) is negative. On top of that, managing additional hardware in multiple locations to handle backups is just plain overwhelming and time consuming. To get the biggest bang for your buck you should leverage a cloud…

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The Importance of SSL and HTTPS

More than half of the pages viewed on the Web are now delivered by HTTPS and SSL. Your site should be among them. It improves not only your site’s security but its search engine performance. There are two ways to access Web pages: By the HTTP and the HTTPS protocols. HTTP sends everything as unencrypted…

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