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Archive for July 2014

When Should You Use Dedicated Web Hosting?

Many people build websites. In some cases, people build websites as a hobby, a way to express their opinion, make money from marketing, create a business, or to market their existing business. It is not ideal for a person that does not expect or desire to receive a lot of traffic on their website to…

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Finding Online Reviews for Web Hosting Sites

It seems everyone wants someone else’s opinion on a product or service. The same is true for Web Hosting sites. You don’t want to pay any money or invest time in any site; you will regret the choice later. A review gives customers something to look at through their eyes before making a sound decision.…

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New Features for AwesomeAntispam – July

Applied Innovations, launched awesome antispam, just a few weeks ago but we are continually updating the platform and are pleased to announce the following changes were rolled out in the month of July. Geo-Redundant Filtering Servers We’re pleased to announce that Awesome Antispam now leverages filtering servers in two geographically disperse datacenters, in the event…

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Virtual Private Servers and The Internet of Things (IoT)

There is a new phenomenon in the world of the Internet that may have an unprecedented impact on Virtual Private Servers and the entire internet as we know it.  It has been dubbed the Intenet of Things (IoT) and we are just beginning to understand the potential impact. Unless you are “techno geeks” like we are, you…

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What It Really Means To Have A Reliable Web Host

  A good way to gain an appreciation for what it means to have a reliable web host is to think long and hard about the consequences of poor reliability. Seemingly small differences in the uptime percentage of a web hosting service can have a disproportionate effect on your business, which in turn affects your…

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Tips for Selecting a Reliable Web Host

If you have been around the World Wide Web for some time, you obviously know that there are a ton of web hosting companies available. Some hosting companies charge as little as a $1.95 a month for hosting, but what you may not know is there is usually a catch or something not quite right.…

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6 Tips On Using Instagram For Your Online Business

Instagram is a mobile image-sharing site that lets you take photos and spread them to social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.  There are many people using Instagram daily for taking and sharing photographs on the go.  Your online business can utilize this traffic to see positive results, but how do you get started?…

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