Virtual Private Servers and The Internet of Things (IoT)

Virtual private network ConceptThere is a new phenomenon in the world of the Internet that may have an unprecedented impact on Virtual Private Servers and the entire internet as we know it.  It has been dubbed the Intenet of Things (IoT) and we are just beginning to understand the potential impact.

Unless you are “techno geeks” like we are, you may not realize that more and more devices with intelligence on board are showing up on the Internet.

Officially, IoT is the connecting of all these “things”, like cars, copiers, appliances, security cameras, mobile devices, electronic lock boxes for key storage, door locks themselves, smart tv’s, set top boxes and more every day.

Many of the devices are “network hungry” and the potential ramifications of them connecting to both wired and wireless bandwidth is just now being considered.  There are certainly security and privacy issues to be considered. The will also be a need for more servers and more storage and more bandwidth.

ZDNet points this out in more detail.  As IT Professionals, we and our clients will be looking at connectivity (should all devices attach to the same LAN or segment?)bandwidth and security, hosting, storage, access control and more.

These devices are being used to gather all kinds of information and that information is being transferred via an internet that is being targeted by people all over the world.

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