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Online Shopping & The Importance of SSL Certificates

This year I did ALL my Christmas shopping online. Every single gift for every single person was shipped to my front door like Santa himself had dropped them off. I didn’t have to wait in lines. I didn’t have to fight over the last Xbox Kinect. I didn’t have to deal with cashiers who were…

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Get FREE Promotion for Your Business!

Want some QUICK, EASY, FREE promotion for your business? Share your story and you could be featured in an Applied Innovations Case Study or Article? Selected customers receive FREE promotion and backlinks to their website. We need all kinds of case studies and customer testimonials to help us illustrate the Applied Innovations value proposition, so…

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Getting the most out of your online marketing efforts with Inbound Marketing

At Applied Innovations we pride ourselves on being your ‘e-business partners’ and as any good business partner it’s our job to help you succeed with your business by providing guidance, support and recommendations. Because much of our business is based on hosting business and ecommerce based websites we get asked frequently “How do I get…

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Get Ahead in the Cloud

The “Cloud” is getting lots of press these days, but what does it all mean for you and your business? Does the Cloud really offer a paradigm shift in the way of businesses operate? “cloud” and what you—and your business—stand to gain from it. Cloud Computing versus Cloud-Based Infrastructure Fundamentally, the Cloud refers to the…

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Increase Customer Trust and Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment for More Profits!

Get a FREE Extended Validation (EV) Upgrade with any SSL certificate from Comodo for up to 2 years! Exclusive offer for customers of Applied Innovations! What is an EV SSL? How does it benefit ecommerce websites? Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the highest assurance certificate. The green address bar assures website visitors that they…

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Upsell, Cross Sell and Engage Your Customers with Email Marketing

  Are you using the power of email marketing to engage your customers? Remember, your existing customer base is often fertile territory for cross-selling related and supporting products and services, as well as UP-selling higher service levels or next generation products. We have two excellent alternatives to suggest. iContact iContact is an affordable subscription-based service…

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