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Archive for November 2014

High Traffic Website Hosting on Cyber Monday

Horror Stories in Web Hosting: Walmart, 2011 Just because you’re one of the biggest retailers on the planet doesn’t mean you’re immune from making mistakes. In Part 5 of our Cyber Monday Hosting Series we see that even Walmart can suffer the consequences if they’re not set up adequately for high traffic website hosting over the…

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Avoiding Web Hosting Horror Stories

Horror Stories in Web Hosting: High Traffic Sites That Crashed on Cyber Monday Part 4: Motorola, 2013 If you think that cyber disasters only happen to SMBs, think again! As we’ve seen in our previous blogs, mistakes happen just as easily to large-scale companies and even banks if their hosting providers aren’t accustomed to hosting…

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Hosting for High Traffic Sites on Cyber Monday

Horror Stories in Web Hosting: RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and NatWest, 2013. Up to this point in our blog series, we’ve relived the mistakes made by retailers whose providers weren’t prepared for hosting for high traffic websites. In Part 3, we look at what happens when a bank makes the same mistake… Chaos! What…

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High Traffic Hosting Solutions for Cyber Monday

Horror Stories in Web Hosting: LOFT and Ann Taylor , 2011 As we saw in Part 1 of our Cyber Monday Hosting Series, even powerhouse retailers can experience nightmare scenarios over the holidays if they don’t choose a provider with well developed high traffic hosting solutions. In Part 2 we provide yet another disaster story — one that happened…

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Cyber Monday Infographic: Prep Checklist

9 Point Preparation Checklist for High Traffic Websites on Cyber Monday According to Statista, the 2013 Cyber Monday was the biggest day ever for U.S. online retailers, with online sales totalling 1.74 billion. What’s more, last year there was a 20.6% increase in online sales over the year prior, and the five days between Thanksgiving…

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Best Hosting for High Traffic Websites on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday – The marketing term coined for the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States. The online world’s version of the brick-and-mortar’s Black Friday, the unofficial kick-off to the holiday shopping season and our busiest online day of the year. It’s an online retailers’ blessing, but without the best hosting for high traffic websites…

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Windows Azure Pack For Absolute Uptime

Can you imagine being excited about your website hosting? Probably not. OK. Can you imagine never worrying or feeling anxious about your website going down during a high traffic period, or frustrating customers with poor performance, or being hacked by the bad guys? Large-scale cloud services like Microsoft Azure supply public clouds with industrial strength…

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