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7 Marketing Tactics for the Small Business Owner

Even if you don’t have a marketing degree, much less a Marketing Department, here are 7 simple things you can do to be a more strategic and effective marketer. Every small business owner struggles with the challenges of balancing their business-critical expertise and knowledge base with the need to market and sell their services and…

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Put the Internet to Work for You with ifttt: “If this, then that”

Have you heard of ifttt? It’s a pretty clever—and FREE—service that puts the Internet to work for you by allowing you to assign simple, useful tasks based on a simple premise: If this, then that. Pronounced like “sift” without the “s”, ifttt provides a menu of “recipes” for tasks to do all kinds of smart…

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Enter to Win a Trip to DNN World 2012

Recently, we went to “Day of DotNetNuke” in beautiful Charlotte NC where we announced our new Easy DNN Site Migrator and launched our contest to win a trip to DotNetNukeWorld 2012. This is a great event for anyone interested in learning about DotNetNuke, the world’s largest .NET based open source framework. This event attracts many…

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Meet Wayne Lansdowne, Chief Systems Architect for Applied Innovations

Fearless Editor was delighted to have a chance to interview Wayne Lansdowne, Chief Systems Architect and 10 year veteran at Applied Innovations and West Palm Beach Florida native. A Renaissance man: technologist, photographer, and connoisseur of coffee and Coca-Cola black Fearless Editor: So what was it like, way back BA? (Before Appliedi!) Wayne Lansdowne: In…

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The Pros and Cons of using Plug-ins and External Code Libraries

When you install a plug-in, theme, or module into your web application, you are in effect allowing additional, custom code to be placed in (or run from) your web site. In a perfect world, this additional code is safe and does what it says it does – but there is always a risk that the…

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