6 Tips On Using Instagram For Your Online Business

Woman photographer with cameraInstagram is a mobile image-sharing site that lets you take photos and spread them to social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.  There are many people using Instagram daily for taking and sharing photographs on the go.  Your online business can utilize this traffic to see positive results, but how do you get started?  Let’s look at some tips to help you succeed on Instagram.

1.  Give Exclusive Content

Use photos that you haven’t used before when you’re posting on Instagram.  This will ensure that you’re providing viewers with fresh new content to ensure they keep following you.  New pictures will give them reason to keep checking back since they know your Instagram pictures are exclusive and won’t just end up on Facebook or Twitter later.

2.  Ask Questions

A great way to get your followers active on your pages is by asking questions.  People like to share their opinions and will feel like a part of the team if you ask for their advice on your products.  This also provides an invaluable source of feedback directly from customers so you’ll know how your products can be improved.

3.  Hold Photo Contests

Hold a photo competition and let customers submit pictures of how best to use your products and services.  Not only will this give you great images to post on your page, but you’ll give your followers a chance to shine.  Make sure you give the winner recognition and a prize if possible.  This will help your brand show its appreciation for customers.

4.  Use Analytics

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If you don’t track your Instagram pages, you’ll never be able to figure out what works for your business.  When do your posts get the most action?  What type of people like your pictures and follow you?  In order to figure these important factors out, you’ll need to make use of analytics tools to gather and optimize data.

5.  Show Your CEO’s Personality

Any business can improve its branding image if they showcase the CEO’s personality.  Show your business’s leader doing something they love, like a hobby or favorite pastime.  Capture footage of your CEO goofing off or being silly to show that they’re good-natured and personable.  Help followers relate to your CEO and your business will have a better image.

6.  Use #’s 

Your posts need to utilize #’s in order to be found by people.  These sorts of tags are mandatory if you want to get your pictures in front of a large audience.  Trending #’s work especially well, and can give your posts a much needed boost in views, so make use of popular trending #’s that relate to your business.

You’ll need high-quality images and consistent branding to do well on Instagram.  Use photo-editing software to edit your images and create nice optical effects that draw the eye.  Reaching out to customers and talking directly with them is a great way to put yourself at the top for customer service and become a leader in your field.  If you need any information about how to distinguish your business on Instagram, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’d be happy to help!

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