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Cloud technology is no longer an unknown and futuristic term. Things have changed a lot and managed cloud services have become more accessible than ever. And it’s not just because they’re a cost-effective solution for small businesses. Moving everything to the cloud offers countless benefits.

Additionally, some argue that by 2020 almost 80% of US small businesses will choose a cloud solution. Almost 40% of them have already done so.

It’s easy to understand the reasons behind that choice – especially when you consider that huge amount of benefits small businesses get to enjoy.

And one of the most important advantages is the ability to grow the right way. That is exactly what this article will be talking about.

1. Managed Cloud Services Are Cost-Efficient

Opting for this type of services should be every small businesses’ dream. It lowers monthly costs a lot.

First of all, cloud computing fully utilizes hardware. That means that the value of a physical server is amplified by virtualization and small businesses can do more with less.

managed cloud services

If you’re wondering what this actually means and how it translates into savings, think of it this way – you’ll experience a decrease in:

  • Rack space
  • Power usage
  • IT requirements
  • IT staff

That saves you money because you’ll pay less for electricity. You’ll also get more free space and get rid of some of the cables that were slowly piling up in the office.

Secondly, you’ll no longer need to worry that your hardware might fall behind or break down. Also, having to upgrade your hardware will not be your concern anymore.

You also need to think about the IT staff required to keep everything running smooth. They also perform regular maintenance and provide you with some support. Fortunately, you won’t need such a large, expensive team this way.

You’ll simply pay a monthly fee in exchange for the plan you see fit for your small business. The managed cloud services provider will take care of the rest.

2. You Enjoy Better Collaboration That Leads to Increased Efficiency

Many small business owners don’t understand the importance of efficiency. Working from the cloud means they and their employees have the ability to save and access the same file simultaneously.

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managed cloud services

Let’s take Google Drive for example to give you a better understanding of this aspect. This cloud collaboration tool enables users to upload, edit and comment on documents. You can even have multiple users editing the same spreadsheet, for instance. However, you can even choose who gets access to what.

Additionally, you, as the manager, will have a clearer overview. You’ll be able to access, track, and manage individual progress and assignments from anywhere. Even from your phone – which takes us to the next advantage on our list.

3. Increased Flexibility

As we’ve mentioned before, managed cloud services enable you to access your business’ data from anywhere.

Well, did you ever wonder how many mobile devices are active at the moment? In 2014, there were more mobile devices than the entire human population. And as you may have noticed, smartphones are getting more and more complex. They are able to perform complex tasks and sometimes even substitute the need for a computer or laptop.

managed cloud services

That being said, chances are you and your employees are part of this man-made phenomenon – portability. This means that you may want to be able to access or actually work from anywhere you please, using any device you want.

Managed cloud services actually offer you that. That is especially of great help for small business owners that would like to hire remotely. It doesn’t matter where the employees are situated, they’ll be able to work for you as long as they have Internet access.

That is a solution for small business owners that don’t have the funds to rent an office space yet.

Another great advantage is that you can actually save money by asking employees to bring their own devices. They can work on their own laptops which they feel comfortable with.

4. Integration and Scaling

Managed cloud services for small businesses also provide access to integration with multiple solutions. We’re referring to specialized services that include:

  • eCommerce
  • CMS (Content Management System) – such as WordPress, for example
  • Email

Additionally, this services can integrate easily with back-office operations. Anything from human resources to marketing and accounting.

When it comes to scaling, the advantage of managed cloud services is that it can grow alongside your business. Maybe you don’t need it now as you’re just starting to get clients and some authority. But later on, if the need arises, you’ll be set.

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Additionally, you’ll no longer be spending big bucks to upgrade in-house hardware. Scaling up your computing power requirements takes just a phone call or email to your provider.

Applied Innovations lets you enjoy restful nights. Our managed cloud services not only provide 100% uptime but full scalability as well. Plus, you’ll only pay for the resources you require. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more.

5. Superior Security and Improved Repairs

If you’re running in-house servers, you know that a hardware fail can cause massive damage. Not only your business’ uptime is affected but your reputation as well.

Choosing to move all your operations to the cloud saves you that trouble. Hardware failure is not your concern. Additionally, most solutions are designed for easy self-repair processes if needed.

managed cloud services

Moving on, security is probably the most important aspect you need to consider at the moment. Just a while ago, the US has witnessed a major cyber-attack that disrupted several big websites.

If the need arises, you’d be happy to know that your data is safe. 

Superior managed cloud services offer military grade encryption and superior security to their clients. And that’s what you’re most likely looking for.

Additionally, Applied Innovations is using servers located in a state-of-the-art facility – the NAP of the Americas® is our flagship Tier-IV data center.

We don’t only provide a unique seven-point security approach and military grade encryption. The data center also features 24/7/365 armed security.

Choosing managed cloud services is the best way to grow your small business the smart way.

Working with Applied Innovations also gets you 24/7 specialized customer care. We like to consider that our clients are more than that. We treat them like partners, meaning that if they are happy, we are happy.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us by email or simply call us at 866-706-8691

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