Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status renewed for 5th year

microsoft gold certified partnerAs Windows Web hosting experts, we are fully committed to achieving the latest and greatest in technical expertise and delivering a truly innovative and intelligent hosting service. On this note, we are pleased to announce that Microsoft has renewed our status as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for the 5th consecutive year!

With this year’s renewal, Microsoft also recognized two additional competencies for Previously, we maintained competencies in Advanced Infrastructure Systems and Network Infrastructure Systems. This year, Microsoft added two additional competencies, in both Hosting Solutions and Security Solutions. The addition of the new Hosting Solutions (previously a component of the Advanced Infrastructure Systems competency) and the Security Solutions competency showcases our expertise in Security and Hosted IT. (Learn more about the various competencies)

Achieving Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status is a result of hard work and continued focus. We are required to maintain a number of Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff, satisfactorily complete an annual customer satisfaction performance review, provide customer references, and meet an annual volume licensing commitment.

In return, receives advanced technical resources and training, consultation services, early access to the next generation of Microsoft software, and access to a dedicated team of experts within the Microsoft Hosting Solution group. In fact, our team communicates with Microsoft Hosting and Server experts on a daily basis in an effort to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation.

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  1. Scott Swanburg on August 7, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    You guys do some awesome work. Microsoft specifically asked that we get in contact with you. Citrix and Applied Innovations would be a "Killer team".

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