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SmarterMail 4 Delivers (HAM)

sm4_logo With 3 previous builds under their belt, the folks from SmarterTools have hit the bulls eye in more than one dartboard with SmarterMail 4.  For starters, today’s Internet users face a huge problem while digging for HAM and spending unaccountable number of hours macheting away SPAM. 

However, SmarterMail 4 ranks a higher IQ than spammers by combining Greylisting and Spamassasin support.

The greylisting method will temporarily block email from any sender it does not recognize.  If the email is coming from a  legit mail server then it will attempt to redeliver the message. Most spammer tools will not attempt redelivery and this is what the spam fighting method relies on to achieve it’s effectiveness.

On the other hand, Spamassassin checks every inbound (as well as outbound) email and filters out spam based on content-matching rules.

tim-smStaying one step ahead of the spammers takes constant effort. We work closely with customers such as to make sure that SmarterMail is providing the stable and robust protection that hosting companies need.  SmarterMail 4.x was built from the start to help users reclaim their inboxes from the spammers with 99% efficiency.” said Tim Uzzanti, CEO of SmarterTools.



Here are some other key categories Smartermail scores a 5/5 on.

  1. Smarterphone syncing support (or what we like to call geniuses @ work):
     Smartermail’s Enterprise Edition offers interoperability with the windows mobile 5 operating system allowing you to sync calendaring and contacts (not just mail).
  2.  Anti-Virus Cost Effectiveness (ATTN: Customers running dedicated servers):
    Thanks to CLAM AV support this open source anti viral project can be implemented into your Smartermail 4 instance without the need to open up your wallet.
  3. Real-time performance dashboard:
    Is this an admin’s dream come true or what?  With this feature you will be able to view the performance and health of your mail server in real time to ease the troubleshooting those culprits that creep up from time to time.
  4. SSL/TLS Support:
    Support for these protocols has become a standard feature in the  V 4 enterprise flavor. Both features allow communication encryption between the client and the Smartermail server.

 Smartermail 4 hosting is available in all of’s shared hosting plans.  Additionally, thanks to our key partnership with the SmarterTools folks we are able to provide you with a free copy of the software if you are a new dedicated server sign up.  If you would like to purchase a discounted upgrade please visit our smartermail 4 upgrade page.


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