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Virtual Private Servers Give You More Business Control Above Shared Hosting

If you’ve used shared web hosting for your website, you’ve probably noticed how little control you have over how well your site functions. The problem with shared hosting is that you can’t always have root access or use scripts that virtual private servers allow. Nevertheless, it all depends on what you really need, and every website is different in the kinds of web hosting required.

A virtual private server is probably best for you if you don’t have the knowledge to handle an on-site server on your own, or don’t want the time involved for maintenance. Ironically, a VPS comes from a dedicated server in a remote location. It’s divided up into separate virtual servers that a business can use under their own accord.

It’s something we offer here at Applied Innovations where we help businesses every day keep their businesses operating at optimum level.

If you’re still not ready for your own server, we highly recommend a virtual private server for more reasons than just preventative maintenance. The sense of control you’ll have with a VPS is so much better than if you’re still stuck using shared hosting.

Take a look at the things a VPS can do for you and your business so you don’t have to worry about the future.

Saving Money from Running Your Own Server

Plain and simple, running your own server is quite expensive. The power you generate running your own server day and night is already a major expense that could cut into initial business profits. Then you have the above-mentioned maintenance involved that could end up being as costly as your energy bill.

Giant fans to keep your server cool could break down suddenly, leaving you with major downtime getting it fixed. While some of the worst problems can sometimes get averted with proper audits, all of it takes time, something you don’t always have when first starting a business. Even if something happens to your server on a holiday, you’re responsible for everything rather than averting blame to a provider.

Customization on Your VPS

When you go through shared hosting, you can’t always customize to provide what you really need to keep your business running efficiently. With a VPS, you can add or take away what you want so you don’t end up paying more for something you don’t need. The last thing you want is overpaying for server features you can’t really use now or anytime soon.

If you have a reliable provider for your virtual private server, those features are always monitored, kept up to date, and maintained to eliminate concerns. At the same time, communication between you and your provider needs establishing so they’ll remind you of how a VPS can help your business grow.

Scalability on Virtual Private Servers

Thanks to the customization aspects, you can add server features at will when you know your business is about to bust at the seams in growth. Business growth could happen virtually overnight, particularly if you’re featured in the media and end up with an influx of visitors within an hour.

If you’re running your own server, it’s possibly not strong enough to withstand the tidal wave of visitors. This means your site going down and leaving you in a fix trying to get your server back up and running.

A VSP is immediately scalable so you can prepare for these onslaughts of visitors. You can start with a minimal hosting plan and then gradually increase without excessive wait times.

Contact us here at Applied Innovations so we can show you the benefits of a virtual private server. We offer comprehensive web solutions from web hosting to design.


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