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For businesses who are looking for high performance and scalability in a hosted server at an economical price, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) might be just the ticket. Here are a few details.

* A Windows VPS provides you with the familiarity of the Windows operating system, and is available at much lower of a price than a dedicated physical server due to the sharing of computing resources with other users within a public cloud environment. The cost is much, much less than that of owning your own equipment or data center.

* VPSs offer a high level of security, as each one is isolated from all other users, which is what makes the service virtually private. Data transfers over a VPS are secure, and you retain complete control over your proprietary data.

* VPS service from Applied Innovations features daily backups to ensure that your data is always available.

* Due to the cloud environment in which the VPS is built, users gain a scalability that can’t be matched on physical server. What you pay for your service is dependent on how much memory and storage you need, as well as other specific requirements. If you need more, we have more available for you.

* Applied Innovations VPS services offers SSD accelerated storage to improve your web performance.

* VPS services also increase your business productivity with an extremely high percentage of uptime. In fact, Applied Innovations VPS service features a guaranteed 100 percent uptime! We’re so sure you’ll be happy with the services you’ll receive from us that we also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

For more information on hosted VPS services from Applied Innovations, contact us.

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