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Private Cloud Vs. Public Cloud Servers: Which One Is Better?

Cloud Computing ConceptBy now, you’re probably aware of the benefits of cloud servers: the reduced operational costs, scalability, customization, the ability to quickly expand the server base. However, when it comes to private cloud or public cloud servers, which one is better? According to a recent blog post published at AVNetwork, it depends on what your specific application is. However, writer Adam Stern explained, the public cloud has the edge in several categories.

One of those categories is cost. With a public cloud, the costs of maintenance and management of the infrastructure is the responsibility of the server, not the business using the services, the post noted. Scalability is another category in which the public cloud server surpasses the private cloud. With a public cloud, the platform is infinitely scalable and the pay-as-you go method used by service providers means users only pay for what they need and can expand or reduce that as need dictates.

While security was once considered the advantage of a private cloud, there are now ways to mitigate the security risks of the public cloud server and provide as high a level of security as private. Public cloud can also offer full compliance with protocols, including PCI and HIPAA, Stern wrote.

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