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Announcing a SmarterMail Upgrade

e mailAs you know, our mission is to provide worry-free hosted services, so our customers can focus on their business and provide value to their customers.  Reliable and worry free email services are a core part of this mission. We understand the vital, business critical role and importance that email plays in your day to day operations.  In continuing our mission, we are pleased and excited to announce forthcoming upgrades to your email services being provided at no additional cost!

Beginning August 11, 2014 (early off peak hours EDT) we’ll begin the process of upgrading all Shared Hosting mail servers from SmarterMail v11.7 to the latest release of v12.3. Shared mail servers are those used by our shared hosting platform users and our managed cloud/dedicated server partners. Those managing their own servers and/or have their own dedicated instances of SmarterMail will not be changed. If you fall into the latter type and wish to have your server upgraded, please contact our Sales Team ( for further guidance.

SmarterMail v12 brings many enhancements.  While some are user facing such as an improved text editor for the webmail interface, many of the changes are in the back-end code, so they’re not easily seen by end users, but translate to a better overall experience and system performance.  While this is a major version upgrade, the overall look, feel and work flow of SmarterMail remains the same as the previous version.

We anticipate all servers to be completed by Friday, August 15th, 2014.  To determine which mail server your domain(s) may be on, we’ve developed the following KB (Knowledge Base) article and simple instructions which will outline the scheduled upgrade date:

Should you have any additional questions, please contact us at any time by emailing, utilizing our live chat services or calling 866-706-8691 and using the option for support.  We genuinely appreciate your continued business and partnership!

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