Customer Spotlight: Brave New Markets

For over 14 years, Brave New Markets has delivered innovative digital and interactive marketing solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries, including commercial and consumer services, technology, manufacturing, home improvements and more. When this full-service digital marketing agency needed reliable web hosting and a dedicated team ready to accommodate last-minute needs, they turned to Applied Innovations. Marc Waldeck, Chief Results Officer for Brave New Markets, sat down to discuss his business and his experience with Applied Innovations.

Applied Innovations: Before we discuss your experience with Applied Innovations, can you tell us a little bit about your team?

Marc Waldeck: Our team is comprised of experienced business strategists, digital marketers and application developers. We can deliver just about any type of marketing, including Branding & Strategy, Digital Creative, Demand Creation, Web & Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing (Websites, SEO, E-mail, etc.), Tracking & Analytics and more.

AI: There has been an explosion of digital marketing firms, both full-service and specialized. How does Brave New Markets set itself apart?

MW: Our competitive advantage lies in our unique, innovative business model. We blend marketing and technology with a fanatical focus on results to help our clients achieve all of their business goals.

AI: You seem to have a winning model, many digital marketing agencies don’t last in such a competitive environment. Can you tell us about a noteworthy success with a client that stands out in your mind?

MW: Tektronix, a company that designs Test and Measurement Equipment, outsourced the marketing of their instrument calibration and repair service to Brave New Markets. In 2005, we launched an online quote request application known as FastQuote. Coupled with aggressive search engine optimization (SEO), it was an instant success in attracting and engaging prospective clients for Tektronix. FastQuote is continually enhanced and remains an incredibly effective marketing program as well as a helpful source of information for the industry.

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AI: Very impressive – a creative approach that is also scalable. Now, can you tell me why and when you started to work with Applied Innovations?

MW: Brave New Markets began working with Applied Innovations in 2000. We found your company during a search for a Windows Web-Hosting provider. (Windows was still somewhat of a specialty back then.) In addition to Windows, a responsive support team was our primary requirement.

AI: Can you tell us more about your experience with Applied Innovations, and why you continue to use our services today?

MW: Applied Innovations is a high-value partner in creating success for our clients and growth for our organization. We rely on their robust and reliable network to serve as the infrastructure for our global digital marketing platform. However, the number one reason we continue to use Applied Innovations year-after-year is — support.

We know that technology isn’t perfect. When something doesn’t work as expected, the value of quick access to expert assistance cannot be overstated. Applied Innovations’ support team is quick and effective. Whether we send an e-mail or call, we are always interacting with someone who shares our sense of urgency, is solution oriented and provides helpful information. We also rely on Applied Innovations’ support when planning new client marketing programs. They provide valuable technical expertise and practical advice that is critical to success.

AI: A dedicated support team is something on which our team prides itself. Thank you for entrusting your web hosting to Applied Innovations.


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