Windows Dedicated Servers

Highest Performance, Managed Solution

Physical dedicated servers are ideal for companies that are running very large and resource intensive websites. Dedicated hosting provides companies more robust options for hosting environments. This is particularly useful in scenarios of intensive SQL queries or high traffic websites.

Dedicated Server Benefits

Greater Performance
Applied Innovations’ dedicated servers have high performance memory, CPU, and disk storage options running the latest Windows Server editions. With these resources dedicated solely to your site, you’ll see high performance at all times. Gone are the days of shared, single CPU machines. Applied Innovations’ dedicated servers are built with performance in mind. The boxes have dual quad core or dual hex core processors and high performance SAS drives.

Added Security
Being on a dedicated environment protects your site from threats posed to other sites. Never experience pain because a random site on your shared server is experiencing a DDoS attack. Rest assured that your environment is secure with its own Windows firewall and an environment completely reserved for just your site.

Increased Reliability
Your site wants its own space and it’s ready to grow. Shared hosting solutions which are very cost-effective and quite reliable, can also allowyour site’s performance and reliability to be affected by other sites. For example, a website might push a particular promotion and have an unexpected drastic increase in traffic. Those additional resources it consumes could be taken from your site on a shared environment. But once you have a dedicated server, those worries are a thing of the past.

Complete Control
Dedicated environments allow you to fully access the machine and manage it if you choose. This means you get full remote desktop access and have the ability to make IIS configuration changes, install applications, modify system settings, are more. It’s the ultimate toy box for your IT team.

Improved Flexibility
You are no longer stuck to a certain number of domains or feature sets. Having a dedicated server enables you to manage your environment as you wish. If you obtain new clients, it’s as simple as adding them to your prebuilt environment. If you need to remove a site, it’s as simple as a click of a button. No more purchase management and cancelling plans.

Now is a great time to get started with a Windows Dedicated Server from Applied Innovations. Contact our sales team by calling 866-706-8691.

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